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Reliability. Consistency. Uniqueness

These are the basic values that inspire Tuxedo Yachting House in designing unique boats that fully reflect their owner’s personality and dreams. Born from a precise idea that respects the standards of luxury craftsmanship, Tuxedo Yachting House translates the Italian character of the brand into unique high-quality products, where the stylistic excellence of Made in Italy is masterfully enhanced by long-standing experience.

The yacht thus becomes a friendly and intimate space, capable of amazing and giving strong emotions every day.

The Tuxedo Yachting House team is specialized in the construction and customization of alumium boats with the same experience, care and elegance than large-sized yachts.

Choosing Tuxedo means embarking on a journey well before touching the water.

Boating pioneers
since 1963

Tuxedo Yachting House has always been aimed at achieving the highest quality, designing unparalleled aluminium boats that stand out as real boating masterpieces.

A passion that has its roots in the DNA of the Ceccarelli family and which has led Cantieri Navali Lavagna to extraordinary results. This level of excellence is also achieved thanks to the twenty-year and deep synergy, friendship and collaboration with Italian designer Luca Dini.


Tuxedo Yachting House is ambassador of Italian quality in the nautical world. The prestige of the brand is the result of a perfect alchemy between experience and innovation, in addition to the technological know-how and distinctive elegance of the Italian style


In the segment between 40 and 60 feet, the shipyard has introduced and set new design and construction standards, choosing a recyclable material such as aluminum. The shipyard has also raised quality standards by preferring the construction of unique pieces to mass production. In making his greatest dream come true, the customer participates in the project together with the team, touching his dream with his own hands.

The yacht thus becomes a friendly and intimate space, as well as an exclusive, elegant, innovative and more environment-friendly luxury toy.

The choice of aluminium translates in the elimination of construction molds, thus significantly reducing costs, waste and limits. Customization is extreme and possible during any design phase. Spaces and volumes are never imposed, but only suggested. The result is a valuable one-off at the cost of a standard boat.

Furthermore, aluminium is fireproof, more impact resistant, and therefore safer, than other building materials. It is also faster and easier to repair.

All those who know that sea must be respected, both for its power as a natural element and for its fragility, as an ecosystem, choos aluminum because it guarantees unparalled safety, sturdiness, exclusivity, customization and environmental sustainability.

Electric or

One of the main strengths of Tuxedo Yachting House is the attention to the possibilities offered by the use of advanced systems and alternative solutions for the power supply of boats through battery-powered electrical or hydrogen-powered systems.
Diesel generators can be replaced by a full electric or hydrogen-powered system, with significant benefits in terms of vibrabtion, noise, odor and pollution reduction, and therefore improved well-being on board and in the surrounding area. Tuxedo has in advanced stage of study a full electric solution that allows the use of its walkaround thanks to the batteries only. Alternatively, it can exploit the technology developed by the company h2boat with its Energy Packs. This zero environmental impact is made possible by the use of H2boat Energy Packs. In short, hydrogen is transformed into power to be used by the propulsion system, guest utilities and for all navigation needs, combining ecology with the luxury of this all-Italian brand.
The choice of this feature offers the possibility of having an additional electric propulsion, alternative to fossil fuels, to be used in combination with an electric motor even when sailin in protected marine areas, otherwise not allowed.
Always in complete silence and without any emission.

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