Our boats are manufactured as unique items because we love to build them together with you who are going to use them.
That’s why we decided to set up Tuxedo Yachting House.
To put our passion and expertise at the service of your boat and your time at sea with the people you love.

A Tuxedo is more than a yacht: it’s an experience, it’s an expression of character,
it’s a journey that begins long before you hit the water.
It is a wonderful adventure that begins when you imagine your boat.

Why settling for a boat when you can have a Tuxedo?
Tuxedo Yachting House of Laura and Francesco Ceccarelli is the only Italian boatyard that provides with 60 years of family-run activity in the construction of superyachts and 40 years of aluminium yachts from 14 to 54 metres that have become synonymous with elegance and reliability.

That’s why every Tuxedo is different: because everyone is different. Every life is a work of art.
Every wish deserves to be fulfilled.
Tuxedo Yachting House does not build boats: it builds your Tuxedo,

because ceci n’est pas un bateau.

These are the concepts that inspire Tuxedo Yachting House to create the boat you want.
We want to give you the opportunity to explore the world of the possible, until you find what you want.
Because nothing is more perfect than your wish.


Made In

Every Tuxedo is the result of the Ligurian shipbuilding tradition developed by the vision of Aldo Ceccarelli in the 1960s and then Laura and Francesco from the late 1990s. A family capable of transforming the name of a shipyard into a synonym for pure Made in Italy elegance.

In Lavagna, between Portofino and Sestri Levante, Tuxedo Yachting House makes only unique pieces for you.

The elevation to power of that know-how that has made Italian yachting the most loved and copied in the world.

Customer Care


Wearing your favourite suit, sitting in your favourite chair, your favourite place. Nothing puts you more at ease. Because they are no longer mere ‘things’, but become an extension of you. They fit you like a glove, as if they were painted on you.

A Tuxedo gives you a space that gives you the same perfect comfort. Capable of arousing new and beautiful emotions. To make you feel at ease and at the same time have the joy of discovering something exciting every day.

Meet the needs of everyone on board: yours, your family, guests and crew. Everyone can enjoy the benefits of cruising on a Tuxedo, regardless of its size.
Because pleasure and elegance are not measured in feet.

The only wish you will feel the need to fulfil on board your Tuxedo is to have even more time at sea.

With our Tuxedo Bespoke formula you are at the centre of our work and everything becomes possible for you. Even having the opportunity to tell us about your boat and design it with us without moving from your home or office. We will come to you if you want. To save you time, to preserve your privacy, to let you decide every moment of your journey: from the idea to the sea experience.

When choosing your Tuxedo you can talk directly to the person who makes the boat and not to a commercial intermediary.
The same difference you have between going to a dealer to order a car or designing your supercar with the founder of the car manufacturer.

We chose small production precisely because we want to give you all the space, time and attention you need to build your boat.

After all, it is the very essence of our raison d’être.

Savoir Faire


Seriality is not an option for us.

We have built our experience by building big yachts and so we tackle every project, regardless of size. We want you to benefit from the same level of customization and care usually reserved for mega-yacht owners.

For each space we identify its purpose and identity, interpreting it with elements that provide function, aesthetics and soul. To give you a yacht that satisfies your needs as well as your senses.

With this in mind, we develop a proposal with you that you can see taking shape day after day, first as a project and then in the boatyard. As no mass-produced boat will ever be able to do – to let you enjoy the exclusivity that only a boatyard can give you.

Ready to adapt


We chose aluminum because there is no need for molds, which are necessary for fiberglass-made boats. After all, building a boat is a path that is not always linear, often being defined just as the yacht takes shape.

This allows us to adjust every detail, accommodating the legitimate decision-making changes of everyone involved in the process of buying a boat, whether it is you, your wife, or the need of the crew

Thanks to aluminum, this flexibility of choice remains even during the boat’s construction, with no delays in normal construction time and no need to make new molds.

This is also why experienced boat owners choose aluminum for their second or third boat because they fully understand its countless advantages.

Beyond the boat


Every Tuxedo can literally be made into a work of art. Three young, highly-regarded artists Alan Borguet, Gianluca Patti and Paolo Treni have proposed their vision to make the livery of your Tuxedo unique.

Because as Andrea Zardin of the BianchiZardin contemporary art gallery says: “There is a strong parallelism between art and boats. In both cases, the visual impact is fundamental, an emotional attraction cannot be ignored. But behind it there is a whole process of creation and preparation that goes beyond aesthetics.

And even more often it is the process that brings us even closer to what we are observing, or even experiencing, making us appreciate new and deeper aspects of it. And in the case of a unique object like a Tuxedo, the resemblance is even more intimate“.

Our only solution: your vision.

The greatest strength of the professionals who work in the Design Department of the Tuxedo Yachting House of Laura and Francesco Ceccarelli is the opportunity to actually listen to your needs and desires, or to work with your personal architect, not only because they feel like it, but because this gives them – and you – the opportunity to fulfil every request, from the conception of the idea to sailing at sea. So you can have exactly the boat you want.

Whether it is the customization of an existing design in our catalogue, or the development of a yacht in different shapes and sizes, the yard, as a true ambassador of nautical exclusivity, is always ready to find the right option for you.
So you can enjoy the added value of a group of professionals ready to advise you with their decades of experience so that you can choose what you want, whenever you want, wherever you want.