Tuxedo Yachting House: exclusive and full-custom boats thanks to aluminium

Why does the Tuxedo Yachting House choose aluminium to build its boats? The answer lies in the exclusivity and customization that aluminium allows. Even a 14-metre boat can be made as unique as a superyacht.

Those who know what their boat should look like and what they expect from it also know that the only way to get it just the way they imagine it is the one-off. Aluminium makes it possible to achieve this, creating exclusive and personalised boats: no one else will have a boat like it.

It is thanks to aluminium that Tuxedo builds custom-made boats, just as their owners imagine them to be. Unique pieces, tools of rare forging, each with its own inimitable history and personality, guaranteeing the best possible sailing experience. You sail better because you have the boat you want, without compromising on anything.

Why does aluminium make it possible to build exclusive boats?

Aluminium can be moulded at will, achieving an exquisite exclusivity of shapes, spaces and preferences. This eliminates the need for moulds, which are used in the construction of fibreglass boats. And if the moulds disappear, so do the parasitic construction costs. You only buy what you use.
Thinking that a custom boat is infinitely expensive is a false myth. As long as you choose a material like aluminium combined with the high standards of the Tuxedo Yachting House.

The customisation process is extremely efficient. It allows the owner to have access to an irreplicable value for money, thanks to the qualities of the material and the infinite range of options and preferences. Exterior spaces, interiors, engines and even aesthetics. Nothing is untouchable on a Tuxedo, except the owner’s wishes.

Exclusivity, design, functionality, optimisation, dedication and value are the basis of an aluminium boat from the Tuxedo Yachting House, every part of which can be designed and modified to your liking, with the assistance of experienced architects who will listen to your every need and give it concrete form.

With a Tuxedo, therefore, it is possible to stand out even without the need to appear. You can be unique and unforgettable, not only because a Tuxedo boat is different from those of other shipyards, but also because it is different from other Tuxedo boats. Who wants, at sea and in life, to be yet another clone, if they can have something different?

Exclusivity and speed

Thanks to the choice of a material like aluminium, Tuxedo boats live longer. In other words they are more durable. Aluminium has one of the best strength-to-weight ratios of any material you can choose to build a boat, and it does not warp. So a unique Tuxedo aluminium boat is not only stronger than industrial composite, it is also lighter. It weighs up to 40% less than its polyester resin equivalents.

When it comes to durability, on the other hand, aluminium is one of the most seawater resistant materials, ensuring that every owner will have their Tuxedo masterpiece by their side, forever, on every adventure.

Moreover, weighing less, with the same engine power installed means you can go faster and have a longer range. In other words, you use less fuel and, for the same performance, a full tank lasts longer. This is why Tuxedo Walking House walkarounds are so successful.

Exclusivity and safety

Great exclusivity, great manoeuvrability, great speed and great convenience. And on top of all this there is also great safety for those on board, which is essential for any self-respecting connoisseur of the sea.

Steel is the strongest material for building boats. However, it weighs about twice as much as aluminium. Moreover, aluminium dissipates the energy generated by its impact, for example of the hull with the water, over a much larger area than steel does. This means that an aluminium boat will suffer less from the impacts of the sea than a steel one. If you have to go back quickly, but the sea is rough, a Tuxedo yacht will hold up without a fight.

Anything can happen at sea and it is becoming increasingly common to find floating objects that are practically invisible. Even in the event of an impact, aluminium guarantees safer boat behaviour thanks to its ability to deform and absorb energy. Furthermore, thanks to the ease and speed with which aluminium can be repaired, a Tuxedo boat will literally be as good as new in much less time than any other composite boat.

Last but not least, aluminium is not flammable.

Exclusivity and environmental protection

Those who love the sea respect it. They respect its power as a natural element and respect its balance by burdening it as little as possible with their passage.

Thanks to the many advantages we have mentioned so far, in fact, aluminium not only makes it possible to be more efficient, exclusive, convenient, safe and durable, but also to halve the impact on the environment, both during construction, during navigation and even at the end of the boat’s life cycle.

In fact, aluminium not only allows the mould to be eliminated during construction, saving energy and materials, but also allows it to be completely recycled, fully complying with the principles of the Circular Economy. No other material used for yachting has these characteristics.

After all, protecting the sea means continuing to navigate between beauty and safety.

A precious custom-made boat

Tuxedo Yachting House was therefore created to create a unique boat, exactly as the owner imagined it, designed in an exclusive way, to fully reflect the owner’s interpretation of navigation and design, both inside and out.

Thinking outside the box and within the framework of maximum customization, even within the same shipyard, because tailor-made experiences are priceless and make exclusivity the new frontier of sailing.