Spanish broker Cala Pilota chooses Tuxedo Yachting House

With 40 years of experience in the nautical sector, representative in the Balearic Islands of yachts produced by the most exclusive brands, the Majorcan broker Cala Pilota has included the Black Tuxedo 13.88 in its prestigious catalogue. Specializing in the repair, maintenance, garaging and sale of boats, the Porto Cristo-based nautical division has chosen the Black Tuxedo 13.88 as a walkaround for owners with refined tastes looking for a unique sailing experience as the result of luxury craftsmanship and over 60 years’ experience in aluminium yacht construction. Because – as Cala Pilota writes in her catalogue – “No Tuxedo 13.88 will ever be the same as another boat, not even another Tuxedo 13.88”. 

Even more than the attractive aesthetics, the Spanish broker has rewarded the choice of materials made by the boatyard and transformed into construction geometries by designer Luca Dini. Aluminum, which, by breaking free from the mould, makes it possible to break free from nautical seriality and create light, strong hulls that can be completely customized during the design and construction phases. This philosophy also applies to the interiors, allowing the owner to arrange the space for ideal use: no more useless ballasts that affect speed, consumption and, consequently, pollution. Customization also extends to the propulsion system, which can be either outboard or inboard. 

The unit chosen by Cala Pilota to illustrate the presence of Tuxedo Yachting House products in its catalogue repeats the propulsion scheme seen on the first model: three Mercury Verado outboards of 300 hp each. However, there is still the possibility of alternative solutions such as the two Volvo D6 IP 600 engines or, if you prefer, more powerful models such as the D6 IPS 650 and D8 IPS 700. The Black Tuxedo 13.88, with its large open space interior, is the evolution of the modern day cruiser: it is designed and conceived with the same care as a megayacht and is future-proofed. Tuxedo Yachting House imagines the future of yachting to be increasingly adaptable, practical, ecological and intelligent. This is the philosophy behind the design of the Tuxedo 13.88. Even in Spain.