Wind Yachts includes Tuxedo Yachting House in its range of new boats

Tuxedo Yachting House lands in Cala Galera, under the care of Wind Yachts, which thus becomes the brand’s first Italian dealer. The company founded in 2010 by Marica Lippa and Daniele Botticini, based in
the splendid marina nestled in Monte Argentario (South Tuscany, Italy ) will manage the promotion and sale of the walkarounds produced by the shipyard with a capital T. The relationship between the two companies stems from a dual affinity. On the one hand, a long professional acquaintance between Francesco Ceccarelli, founder of the Tuxedo Yachting House together with his sister Laura, and Daniele Botticini, which has brought the parties involved to know and rely on each other’s qualities. On the other hand, the perfect correspondence between the boats built in Lavagna and the offer on which the Tuscan broker focused.

The reasons for a choice: who is Wind Yachts

“Wind Yachts today specialises in the top end of the nautical market”, explains Botticini, “we’ve chosen to
pay particular attention to custom boats. That’s why the Tuxedo Yachting House walkarounds, like the
Black Tuxedo 13.88, are perfect. The customisation that aluminium provides is unrivalled compared to
building in other materials in terms of: the possibilities offered; the time it takes to make changes during
construction; and, last but not least, the cost. That’s why we chose to offer our customers a speciality of
this kind: because it is different from anything else offered by the Italian shipbuilding industry while
remaining a perfect example of Made in Italy boats.

The value of the Silver Coast-based dealer is evident from several factors. The value of the Silver Coast-
based dealer is evident from a number of factors, starting with the long experience of Wind Yachts’ two souls. Marica Lippa has decades of experience in handling all the bureaucratic aspects of buying and
selling a boat, as well as all the other needs of a boat. Daniele, on the other hand, is driven by a genuine
interest in materialising the object of an owner’s desire, as we read on their company website. In over 30
years of profession, he has been a dealer for the most famous sailing and motor boat manufacturers.

Tuxedo and Wind Yachts, satisfaction guarantee

The collaboration between Tuxedo Yachting House and Wind Yachts is a fundamental step towards the
creation of a commercial network. Marica’s and Daniele’s skills and expertise are an excellent guarantee
of the high quality of treatment that we wish to provide to our clients and anyone using a Tuxedo. For us,
the boat must be a safe, reliable and personal instrument. In order to give pleasure only to those who
use it only for leisure, such as the owner, and to remove any thought to those who choose it as a means
of “work” such as the commanders of megayachts who can find in one of our creations a perfect tender
for mothership.