What makes you choose the perfect tender for a megayacht?

We know how useful it is for a megayacht to have a versatile, self-contained chase boat that combines function and design to complete and enhance the cruising experience. A boat that is beautiful to look at but at the same time reliable, fast in movement, easy to manage even by one person. A boat that is able to guarantee the safety of the crew and the guests it carries, protecting them from the consequences of any hull impacts.

Choosing the perfect tender for a megayacht is not easy. Generally speaking, owners tend to favour a boat that is in line with the mothership, right from the construction material. A hull with refined and elegant shapes, able to be adapted in aesthetic and structural details to one’s own needs. If this is the preference, opting for an aluminium construction has many tried and tested advantages: the malleability of this material during processing allows for rapid and almost total customisation. Even if modifications are required during construction, the absence of moulds means that the best tender can be designed, adapted to the centimetre and leaving the possibility of further retouches in the future.

Aluminum for megayacht tender, unique, sustainable and with infinite potential

Proven by years of testing and scientific studies, aluminium’s structural characteristics make it the most reliable material for ensuring the safety of crew and guests: it deforms rather than breaks during impact, so it does not open up waterways and allows for quick and easy repair. It has, by its very nature, a very high resistance to fire (it melts at 660°) and contributes to making a boat much safer in the event of a fire on board. This is one of the reasons why it has always been the material of choice for the aviation industry and has now become the must-have material in the automotive sector as well.

Aluminium also has important implications for sustainability: its use in place of steel reduces CO2 emissions and therefore the environmental impact, protecting the future of our planet. It is estimated that by 2026 each car will contain 20kg more aluminium than the heavier alloys. Aluminium is also recyclable: 100% of the body can be melted down and reused as virgin material and in total around 90% of a boat built in this way can be recycled or reused, cutting down on waste: no other construction material guarantees these results.

Sustainable, durable, beautiful to look at, light, adaptable and above all safe. That’s why we at Tuxedo Yachting House have chosen it for our boats.

And what do you think? How would you like your tender?
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