Beyond aesthetics


Thanks to our collaboration with artists Paolo Treni, Gianluca Patti and Alan Borguet, each Tuxedo can become a unique work of art, which will be an expression of both you and their

Distinctive style

The artists, each with their own distinctive style, reproduced their work on the hulls of the Tuxedo yachts to convey what the founder of futurism Tommaso Marinetti called ‘the elastic but solid lightness of aluminium’.

In fact, aluminium has a different value from other construction materials, both in terms of sustainability and processing methods, characterized by high quality workmanship, all of which makes each yacht unique.


After all, yachts have always been home to prestigious works of art. TUXEDO YACHTING HOUSE and BIANCHIZARDIN go a step further, choosing to make the yacht itself a work of art
through the work of young talent. The yacht thus becomes a canvas, or perhaps a sculpture that artists paint or shape to materialize their research and creative process.



Paolo Treni

Paolo Treni (Lake Garda, 1981) is an artist who works extensively on spatial design, from the Plexiglass sculptures displayed on the Portofino sea to the aluminium of a yacht that becomes a work to be experienced directly at sea, to “create simulacra in perpetual relationship with light”.

His interpretation of Tuxedo aims at revealing the cosmic suggestions explored by the brand-new James Webb telescope, highlighting the dreamlike connections between the abysses of the sea and deep sidereal space. In this way, gravitational waves agitate the hull, sometimes radiating it like cosmic rays, at other times evoking the waves of the sea refracting and breaking in the thousand reflections of the water.


Gianluca Patti

Gianluca Patti (Monza, 1977) bases his research on the study of colour and matter and their influence on our lives, on the vibration they transmit.

“For Tuxedo, I chose to interpret their story by imagining a new concept of a boat that can come to life through art and design”.


Alan Borguet

Alan Borguet (Milan, 1988), a young and multifaceted artist, started with street art, then moved from painting to sculpture, from an art of signs to the creation of works in which the material used, such as wood or marble, is recycled, with the aim of conveying a concept linked to a single gesture. He interprets the hull of the Tuxedo as a large canvas, as the surface of a sculpture on which to work.

He elaborates the concept of street art and brings it back to the sea, where his “sign” is transformed into energy. The energy that is part of existence itself and that
comes from the meeting of different materials: aluminium and the sea.