Philosophy and Models

Every Tuxedo yacht is absolutely exclusive as it is issued from the fruitful collaboration between Laura and Francesco Ceccarelli, Lorenzo Berselli’s Agon studio, Francesco Rogantin’s Names design studio and his vision.


The power of personality

Every creature created at the Tuxedo Yachting House features a different look and character but shares the same DNA.
You can thus express your personal preferences with the certainty of always having the same safety and reliability.
Without any limits in terms of boat size, either downward or upward.


A Tuxedo can only be what it is thanks to the know-how deriving from yacht-building experience gained by the Ceccarelli family since the 1960s and since 1982 with aluminum, the first in Italy.

By building one, you have the certainty that every design element, every construction detail and the entire end result is studied, optimized and made perfect for you.

It is the experience born of practice and study that makes it possible to create unique pieces without having to pay the price of the first work.

Because every new and unprecedented solution, like every masterpiece of art, can only be built through the presence of two parties: an expert and a client.


In nature, even twins are not exactly the same all the way through-the DNA is the same, but tastes, behavior and expectations are different. So doesn’t it make more sense to find the mirror of one’s uniqueness, especially in something as personal as a boat?

Each Tuxedo is different from all others to always stand out.

Thanks to aluminum, a Tuxedo needs no molds. This means that any change you want can be implemented, even in the process.

There is no need to shout your difference, just let it shine with your presence. As style icon Coco Chanel used to say, “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different”.
And that’s what you can be with a Tuxedo.


Boats are not built because there is nothing else to do. Boats are not built because it is an easy market. Boats are not built because they are simple items. Boats are built because there is a burning passion for the product, for the sea and for those who decide to sail it.

Nor are one-off pieces like every Tuxedo built because it’s more convenient; it’s much more complex than printing a mass-produced yacht. Piece-by-piece construction requires much more expertise and dedication, but ours is a voluntary and conscious choice, because what drives us is the desire to make happy those who have finally found what until now existed only in their wishes.

Our goal is simple yet ambitious: we want to build your boat with you. Of course, it will be up to you to decide whether you just want to order it and wait for its delivery, or whether you want to live every decision and every moment of the building process.


The materials that make up a Tuxedo yacht are only one aspect of its value. The latter lies in the hull and deck because you only pay for what you will use: aluminum does not require parasitic costs, such as the mold required to build composite boats in general.

The value of a Tuxedo is in its naval architecture, in the efficiency of the water lines that make it capable of achieving the maximum planing speeds in total safety even in harsh weather conditions. So you won’t have to worry about sea conditions, even when family and friends are aboard.

The value lies in the increased hull strength provided by the thickness of the aluminum plates used in construction that make the boat potentially eternal.

It’s in the safety provided by a material that is fireproof and deforms instead of breaking on impact. So that you can always feel safe, with the certainty that the same is true for everyone on board.

But the supreme value is your freedom. Nothing is defined or binding; everything is left to your choice. One or two cabins, one or two heads, open space or separate rooms, indoor or outdoor galley, a superstructure enclosing the cockpit or an open hard top. Interiors with leather, wood, fine fabrics or technical materials…

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer shaft drive, inboard or outboard engines, as in the first unit launched, or hybrid solutions. Because a family with children, a close-knit couple or a group of friends have different needs and they all need to be heard. Because on a Tuxedo no one has to give up something they consider indispensable: an absolute value such as their own well-being.


Being aware of the footprint of our actions is much more important than sticking green labels on a product. A Tuxedo, thanks to its aluminum construction, does not release volatile substances during its construction. It does not require the creation of molds, made of plastic, and destined to be thrown away.

Even manufacturing scraps are collected and reused in other industrial processes, unlike leftover mass-produced yachts.
Moreover, a Tuxedo is sustainable because although it can reach 40 knots, its hull is designed to sail efficiently even at low speeds, to enjoy the sea and the voyage, while reducing fuel consumption and thus greenhouse gas emissions.

Even at the end of its life, a Tuxedo leaves a lighter footprint because it is more than 90% recyclable, and no other traditional material guarantees the same results. Not even wood.


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