Express your uniqueness

Close your eyes and imagine an exclusive yacht, with elegant custom lines, unique character and an unrepeatable soul. Imagine it in every detail. Lastly, open your eyes.

Well, Tuxedo Yachting House is ready to make your dream come true. Because, with Tuxedo special projects, nothing is impossible.

Special Projects

Boat connaisseurs and experienced sailors usually choose a design to be applied to a valuable substance. This is why Tuxedo Yachting House offers its experience in aluminum processing: to enhance exclusivity and customization, two essential elements, traditional and revolutionary at the same time, in the design of such a precious item. To make a boat as beautiful as you want and as safe as a craft that hosts yourself and the people you love should be.

Special Projects

Tuxedo Yachting House Design Department is always ready to listen to the needs and desires of every owner or work together with their personal architect, from conception to navigation. Whether it is the update of a project already present in the catalogue, or the development of a yacht of different sizes or features, the shipyard, as real ambassador of nautical exclusivity, is always ready to find the right option requested.

Special Projects
From idea
to construction

The same care reserved for construction is given to yacht and superyacht customization. All projects, tenders included, are full-custom in the smallest and most exclusive details.

From concept to construction, at Tuxedo Yachting House, the journey begins before setting sail. Every design step is an experience full of personality and emotions. Because it can contain the same essence as the owner.

That’s why a Tuxedo is not only a boat, but a project of exclusivity, customization and elegance, based on solid experience and design foundations.

The founders