Tuxedo 13.88

The 20-year collaboration between Laura and Francesco Ceccarelli and designer Luca Dini is renewed in the all-new Tuxedo 13.88 day cruiser, the result of a one-of-a-kind production and aesthetic quality. It is proposed as the most exclusive model in this size segment, customizable in every single detail. No Tuxedo 13.88 will ever be the same as another boat. Not even another Tuxedo 13.88.

A set of features make this walkaround an object destined for a public of refined owners, sensitive to luxury craftsmanship and aware of what they want from their boat. A lightweight open day cruiser, thanks to the choice of aluminium as the main construction material, designed and conceived with the same care as a megayacht. And equally customisable.


The light day cruiser

Uniqueness, clean-cut lines and a preference for recyclable materials. The new Tuxedo Yachting House model is available in two versions: Black Tuxedo 13.88 and Blue Tuxedo 13.88.

The main difference lies in the bow layout: while the Black version has a large sundeck with sea view, the Blue one features a living zone with panoramic table and seating.

The choice of layout actually determines the internal headroom.

Discover the Tuxedo 13.88 soul

Blue Tuxedo


Those who know how to stand out choose the best. On this boat, this is made possible by the particular lines drawn by Luca Dini: elegant and clean-cut, they are dynamic and sporty at the same time. You can have your boat perfectly tailored to your desires, thanks to the use of a safe and recyclable material like aluminium. The dual (inboard or outboard) propulsion also offers two different cockpit configurations. All this in the Tuxedo Blue 13.88, the walkaround signed by Tuxedo Yachting House, the ideal option for your day outings full of dynamism and sea.

Exterior layout

The Blue Tuxedo is designed to be the ultimate day cruiser. The foredeck accommodates a large living area with a panoramic table and opposing seats to enjoy both the friends and the beauty of the environment which you are immersed in. At the stern, there is a terrace pied dans l’eau which, with the sides open, offers a space of 12 square metres. In the shade of the T-top, there is a cockpit with two sofas, a table that can be converted into a daybed, and two 35-litre refrigerator drawers to have fresh drinks even on the hottest summer days.

Below deck

Inside the Blue Tuxedo 13.88, there is just what you need for a day at sea: a day toilet with a 70x100x190cm shower tray, design taps and custom accessories. This way, you do not have to carry around the useless weight of unused interiors, to the benefit of a smaller displacement and consequently lower consumption or better performance with the same installed power.


There are no limits to the dialogue between shipyard and owner. No option is excluded. To make choices easier, some technical solutions are suggested, but not imposed. The steering console, for example, is equipped with the most innovative and complete SIMRAD touch screen instrumentation, while the choice of external loose furnishings is developed in collaboration with the owner. Because no one knows better than those who choose a boat what they want on it.

Black Tuxedo


Two souls – daycruiser or weekender – materialised with the exclusivity that only aluminium can give. Enjoy the style set by Luca Dini, the luxury craftsmanship and the possibility of customisation that makes the Black Tuxedo 13.88 the most exclusive Italian walkaround in the world. Both inboard and outboard propulsion is available, the choice is up to you.. Because Tuxedo boats are designed for those who know how to live the sea without limits.

Deck layout

The Black Tuxedo 13.88 is designed to be experienced over several days. Thanks to the retractable bulwarks, the modular cockpit increases its surface area from 8.5 to 12 square metres. The owner can choose how to furnish it, both in terms of the furnishings to be chosen and the convertibility of the two sofas in the shade of the T-top which can be opened into a daybed. Guests also take advantage of two refrigerator drawers, 35 litres each. The foredeck houses a sundeck for two with a sea view.


The sporty profile hides modular interiors that can be configured as required, thanks to aluminium construction that does not require moulds. The headroom of 1.85 metres is maintained even in the forward cabin. In the new model designed by Studio Dini and Tuxedo Yachting, technology and elegance go hand in hand. The galley is essential, so as not to take away living space, but at the same time efficient, equipped with sink, induction plate, ice maker and a 75L refrigerator.


Inside and outside, everything is excellent. The master head is large, elegant and equipped with a 70x100x190 cm shower tray, design taps and custom accessories. The steering console is equipped with SIMRAD touch screen electronics. The wide stowage spaces are unique for a walkaround of this size range and are intended for an evolved yachtsman who knows the importance of the volumes available.


Tuxedo space

Tuxedo Yachting House rediscovers the taste for craftsmanship, luxury finishes and traditional materials. Aware of the fact that only the owner knows the intended use of his boat, the shipyard lets him choose about the final shape. This is one of the many pros offered by aluminium and the absence of molds.

On the Tuxedo 13.88, the owner chooses how to interpret the interior spaces. He can therefore opt for a completely uncluttured deck, as in the Blue Tuxedo, or for a modular volume that can be adapted to his needs. Open space, double cabin, versatile room with twin beds, enclosed lounge area … No solution is excluded.

Technical Data


Tuxedo Yachting House srl


Luca Dini Design


Studio NAMES

Hull and superstructure

Light Alloy 5083

Class certificate



44.90 feet
13.88 m


13.80 feet
4.20 m


1.90 feet
0.58 m

Displacement light ship

11,00 t
22,046 lb

Fuel capacity

1.200 l
317 gal

Fresh water capacity

350 l
92.50 gal


1 x 15 Kg chain 50 m Ø8

In or Out?



2 x Volvo Penta D6 IPS 650
3x Mercury Verado 300 hp
2 x Volvo Penta D8 IPS 700
3 x Mercury Racing 450R

Main Layout

Main Layout