The aluminium DNA of the Ceccarelli family, boat builders since 1963

When meeting Laura and Francesco Ceccarelli, the children of the well-known Aldo, long-time Chairmain of Confindustria Nautica, you immediately realize that boating is in their blood and that the Tuxedo Yachting House is not just a boatyard, but a declaration of intent, if not a real lifestyle.

“Boating is part of our DNA. It’s a world that, thanks to our father, we’ve always known, that has dictated our vision of life and the way we carry out all our boat-related actions”, sums up the Tuxedo lady.

The Ceccarelli family has been building boats since 1963 and, in some ways, the Tuxedo Yachting House was born even then. Because the team’s approach and the way Laura and Francesco build boats are inherited from the knowledge of those who came before them. Just like their passion for sailing, a legacy of Aldo Ceccarelli.

“This is exactly why the Tuxedo Yachting House was born: to create a shipyard that puts all the attention and dedication into every single boat to make it as perfect as it deserves to be. No stock production, no desire to offer products for large numbers, where quantity is more important than complete and absolute attention to detail, explains Laura.

Each Tuxedo is a full-custom and exclusive boat thanks to the aluminium construction

A few pieces, therefore, custom and exclusive and, unfortunately, not for everyone. A necessary choice so that every Tuxedo owner has exactly what he is looking for. Whether it’s the desire to stand out from the rest of the nautical scene or the pleasure of having, on board, what he wants exactly where he wants it.

Such a result can only be achieved with the help of a noble and extraordinary material such as aluminium, which allows each owner to find his own sailing dimension.

Thanks to its characteristics, aluminium allows the architects of the Tuxedo Yachting House to set no limits to the demands of their clients. Even those of real sustainability: aluminium is completely recyclable.

You wouldn’t need another walkaround if it wasn’t really different. And the difference isn’t just in the aesthetics, which is totally subjective, but in everything behind it. Often you can’t see it at a glance, but you can feel it when you’re sailing and when you’re on board”, Francesco tells.

The genes that contribute to the birth of Tuxedo boats have established themselves in a context where it is the superyacht that acts as a natural selection and shapes manners and characteristics. Laura and Francesco Ceccarelli grew up professionally building yachts and superyachts, just as Luca Dini defined his style mainly on large projects. That is why it is more normal, for the players involved in this creative process, to apply schemes and working methods typical of large yachts even when tackling the design and construction of a 43-footer. “Having learned on large yachts makes it natural to guess the requests of an owner and therefore, to propose styles, customizations and exclusive details that he often doesn’t think about initially or doesn’t know he wants during the design phase, but which he then inevitably falls in love with during daily use.”

The result is boats with an emblematic character, in the image and likeness of those who know they are unique even without having to be over the top. Even in the boat they choose. It is the product we offer that makes a difference: it is of the highest quality, made by people who have always been in this world. Literally custom-made, to meet the requirements of the people who will be using it”, Laura explains.

Why choose a unique, custom-made boat?

Proposing a stock boat to a sea connoisseur means disregarding his personal characteristics and preferences, his character, his dreams and his passions. Because it is right to aim for that uniqueness and personality that everyone is looking for not only when they go out to sea to sail their own routes, but in every moment of their lives.

After all, Laura and Francesco Ceccarelli know that owning a boat, be it a daycruiser or a superyacht, is not just a matter of ownership: it is a lifestyle. Because anyone who is passionate about the sea knows how many experiences, stories, emotions and memories come from a simple boat trip. This is why a yacht, even an agile walkaround daycruiser, is not simply an object that moves people around on the surface of the sea.

Not to mention the guarantee of Made in Italy, which makes Tuxedo Yachting House boats excellent also in style, elegance, components, in short, in the overall quality that only Italian design, construction and know-how can give. Because the Tuxedo are designed to be amplifiers of well-being.