Interview with Luca Dini, the architect who changed the boating world

It was boating that united the path of the Ceccarelli family with that of architect Luca Dini.

His unmistakable design has made him one of the most respected and sought-after architects in the industry for more than 30 years now, and his ability to make a yacht personal and irreplicable makes Luca Dini the perfect architect for boats as non-trivial – yet not extravagant – and exclusive as those of the Tuxedo Yachting House.

In a sector where most shipyards build in fibreglass and therefore use moulds, the Tuxedo Yachting House has broadened its vision and horizons, championing an alternative way of building boats.
Choosing aluminium, it has been able to eliminate the mould and, with it, the parasitic costs, the constraints imposed on customization and even the pollution caused by this huge piece of disposable plastic. And architect Dini’s contribution has been significant.

Luca Dini, in fact, has been able to revolutionize the nautical world with his designs – and this time he won’t be outdone, with a completely new and, above all, inimitable proposal.

To celebrate this renewed collaboration, we interviewed him for you.

How did your relationship with the Ceccarelli family start?

Thanks to a collaboration that began at the time of Admiral CNL, the spark of my friendship with Laura and Francesco Ceccarelli was ignited, certainly fuelled by mutual esteem and sympathy, but strengthened over time thanks to some common perspectives.

The love of boating is the reason why we met: it has always been a common factor and continues to be so today, 20 years after our first meeting. The exchange of information has continued, also and above all with the enthusiasm of wanting to create innovative projects like the Tuxedo, which has become, like so many others already realised, a reality.

What is taken from a superyacht to a 14-metre boat?

The Black Tuxedo 13.88 was born from a challenge, from the desire to get involved, even on yachts that are not entirely familiar to the CNL shipbuilding tradition. We were motivated to trespass into a new sector, made of technology and design, as it is always in the DNA of the Ceccarelli family. This boat will be built on the basis of know-how acquired over time – and that is a guarantee.

Is it more difficult to build a beautiful 14-metre boat or a 50-metre one?

The difficulties are certainly not the same, but we have tried to have the same attention to detail. I like everything to be harmonious, clean, linear, and that requires a lot of study. Every project is the result of care and study of the smallest details, whatever its size, it makes no difference.

Do aluminium and fiberglass approach each other differently for a designer?

Apart from the overall dimensions of the structure, the approach does not change and, in fact, the Tuxedo is a special boat: despite its small size, it was chosen to be built in aluminium, to increase its intrinsic value and performance.

Basically, it has nothing to envy to boats of a higher category, precisely because it has been contaminated by the experience, methodology and elegance of those who have always built and designed large-sized yachts.

When you design a “standard” boat, or one that is designed to be replicated, however modifiable, like a Tuxedo, what kind of owner do you imagine?

The Black Tuxedo was designed and conceived with the same care as a megayacht: the focus is not calm and refined elegance. In just a few metres, it is a concentration of refinement and technology, blended in perfect harmony to appeal to an owner who is a sincere lover of the sea, of practicality and, above all, of design. An owner who also wants to stand out for the use of materials. An owner of more important yachts, but who wants to move with agility and class. Or a young owner taking his first step into the world of yachting of a certain standing.

Your style is eclectic, you can design very classic boats as well as completely unexpected designs. Where is your unmistakable signature, and above all, where can we see that a Tuxedo is the son of Luca Dini?

I like the design to evolve with the customer’s needs and I always like to surprise with innovative elements.

Since I was a child, I have loved the design of cars, planes and boats, I have studied their lines and I often refer to them.

For the external lines of my boats, I focus on innovation, always with timeless elegance as the cornerstone.
So here, too, you can see the personality of the Tuxedo from the external lines – innovative, but elegant at the same time. Another of my other features is the balance between the exterior and interior spaces: in this day-cruiser, the open-air space is the protagonist, enhanced by the two folding sides which, like two wings, open up to create a larger living area, allowing continuous contact with the open air and the water. Here design meets technology and, together with the natural environment, they coexist harmoniously. As for the interior, the main focus is on comfort, headroom and ergonomics.

Tuxedo boats are potentially modifiable in every detail: what would you not want modified, or what would you recommend not to modify?

Those who climb aboard a Tuxedo and have the opportunity to experience this boat will eventually realize that there are very few details they will want to change. However, being able to do so is a great advantage: customizing a 13-metre boat is certainly an exception compared to the various competitors.