40 years of nautical aluminum

Wouldn’t it be amazing if as soon as we were born we already had the experience of a 40-year-old man? The highest level of energy, an engaging enthusiasm and desire to get things done with the added bonus of an already structured vision and experienced know-how. This is the case for Tuxedo Yachting House. A brand born in 2021 as the latest outcome of a 40 years family tradition: the construction of aluminium yachts which, over time, has resulted in over 60 unique yachts ranging from 15 to 54 meters in length.

It was the 1891, when Alfred Nobel…

Today, we are still guided by our concern for your safety. In every respect. And before any other consideration. Your boat must be your happy and reliable island. Aluminium in water is practically immortal, as history has shown: it has been tested in this extremely aggressive environment since the 19th century. According to the chronicles, the first recreational boat built with this incredible metal, sturdy and lightweight, was a steamer in 1891: Le Migron, designed in Switzerland for a certain Mr Alfred Nobel…yes, that very Swedish physicist, chemist, engineer and industrialist, inventor of dynamite and of the prize of the same name. In short, someone who knew a lot about materials. In 1895 William K. Vanderbilt commissioned the 37m Defender from Nathanael Green Hereshoff to defend the America’s Cup in its 9th edition. If you think of the resources available and the importance of the event, you can say that the choice fell on the best there could be. More recently, great names and great skills have become testimonials of excellence. The legendary Eric Tabarly, a French monument to ocean sailing, chose aluminium as the construction material for three of his Pen Duicks (III, IV and V).

The automotive sector is doing the same choice

The alloy we use is 5083, with a magnesium percentage of around 4.5%, defined and registered by the Alluminiun Association since 1954: it’s an item that has guaranteed results for almost 70 years. Why this success? It’s easy to say, this prodigious material makes it possible to create strong, light and resistant hulls and superstructures: not surprisingly, it is the most widely used material in aeronautics and increasingly in the automotive sector. Not that the automotive world is short of innovative materials…Join the group of people who think independently and make informed choices. We at Tuxedo Yachting House have just launched our own brand, but for 40 years we have been proving that aluminium alloy boat displays are a guarantee. In all respects.

The photo caption above says: “Admiral, 21 meters build in 1982, returned to the yard after a collision at 24 knots. In the 2000s we’re sure this choice has complicated our lives as builders, but your safety repays us for every sacrifice.”