The partnership between Tuxedo Yachting House and Scania for a more responsible and sustainable nautical future.

The collaboration between Tuxedo Yachting House and Scania is a strategic partnership that aims to create a new generation of luxury yachts, capable of offering a unique and unforgettable cruising experience with innovative elements that improve well-being on board while paying special attention to the environment.

The Ceccarelli family, the first in Italy to build aluminium recreational motor yachts since the early 1980s and founder of the Tuxedo Yachting House boatyard – the only one in Italy to bring the experience of building more than 30 yachts from 25 to 54 metres to medium-sized boats – and Scania, one of the world leaders in the manufacture of endothermic engines, globally recognized for its legendary V8 propulsion system, have joined forces to forge a boat that combines design, technology, performance and reliability.

A boat that not only meets the needs of the most demanding owners but also represents the future of sustainable yachting: built in aluminium, with no moulds and no harmful emissions during production, it has no equal on the market and ensures both total customization and a 100% recyclable hull.

Every moment on a Tuxedo yacht becomes not just a luxury, but an experience of pure pleasure towards a more responsible and sustainable yachting future.