IBI Yachts and Tuxedo Yachting House: a new boating partnership in the Caribbean

IBI Yachts, a family-owned yachting company founded in 1998 that sells yachts in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, has enthusiastically announced the addition of Tuxedo Yachting House to its very select portfolio of boating brands. This new partnership marks an important milestone for both companies, further consolidating IBI Yachts’ presence in the Caribbean and introducing Tuxedo’s elegance and sustainability sensitivity to a fast-growing market.

With its deeply Italian roots, Tuxedo Yachting House has long been synonymous with class, sophistication and craftsmanship. Founded by the Ceccarelli family, pioneers in the construction of aluminum recreational boats since 1982, it has given birth to a new generation of luxury yachts that are up to 94 percent recyclable and deeply sustainable in spirit. Dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction have set an unmatched standard in the boating industry.

Federico Caslini, sales manager of IBI Yachts, expressed his enthusiasm for this new partnership: “The addition of Tuxedo Yachting House to our portfolio testifies to our continuous commitment to offering our clients only the best in yachting. The partnership with Tuxedo opens up new opportunities and we are confident that it will further enrich our already prestigious yacht offering.”

IBI Yachts’ decision to partner with Tuxedo emphasizes the importance of providing customers with a diversified range of high-quality products. With Tuxedo Yachting House, IBI Yachts not only expands its range, but also reaffirms its position as a benchmark in the Caribbean yachting industry.

In conclusion, the partnership between IBI Yachts and Tuxedo Yachting House promises to bring a unique and unforgettable boating experience for customers in the Caribbean. With a history of passion, innovation and commitment, this partnership is destined to move towards ever greater success.